Our Terms of working


Ethics - All counsellors within London Counsellors practice under the ethical framework set out by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). This means that we are committed to working with you in a way that is ethical, empowering and growth facilitating.


Fees - The fee for our counselling sessions would be that which was discussed and agreed with your counsellor in your initial consultation. the fee would be reflective of whether you are an Individual/Couple/Family/Child/Young person.

Notice of Cancellation - 48 hours’ notice is required to cancel a session without incurring a cancellation fee.  The cancellation fee is the full cost of the session. Therefore, missed appointments or cancelled sessions are chargeable, unless you discuss any absence with your therapist in advance, to explore if discretion can be applied depending on the circumstances.

Missed Sessions - Our therapists commit to regular weekly appointments with our clients, holding diary time because of the importance of regularity and continuity of sessions. More than two missed or cancelled sessions in a row may result in you being placed back on the waiting list and your diary time being reallocated. Ordinarily, any planned absence must be agreed upon in advance with your therapist, who may be able to offer you an alternative session that week, subject to availability.

Limits to Confidentiality - London Counsellors Ltd is committed to maintaining the highest level of confidentiality. Exceptions to this policy are where I was to believe that you are someone else would be at serious risk of harm. Consultation may be sought with another professional, but in this unusual situation the matter will be discussed with you and a mutually agreeable way forward will be sought, where possible. We are generally committed to empowering our clients to take effective steps to resolve any difficulty. 

Clinical Supervision – Counsellors/Therapists have an obligation to use regular and ongoing supervision to enhance the quality of their work.  This means that we speak to an external consultant/peer therapist about our work, but you will be anonymous within this process.  Confidentiality is strictly held between you and your counsellor unless it was felt that you were at serious risk or someone else was at serious risk of harm.

Recording/note-taking  – Recording sessions, including the recording of the voice or video of the therapist or client without their written permission, is a violation. Note Taking by hand or typed is permitted by both parties during the session.

Working across borders - Visiting, working or living in a different country does not have to stop or end your therapy sessions. We are still able to offer sessions virtually via zoom or telephone ( via WhatsApp/ Skype). However, it is important to understand that the work being undertaken between you and your Counsellor would be in accordance with the laws of the Practitioner’s own country, which in this case is the United Kingdom and any disputes will be subject to the United Kingdoms' country’s law.

Length of Counselling - We provide for as long as required o on a weekly basis, with the preference of sessions taking place at the same time and day of the week. It is recommended that an initial block of 8/12 sessions is undertaken to give therapeutic change a chance. Regular reviews every 3-4 weeks are also recommended to choose the best way forward. 

Endings - Healthy endings are an important part of moving forward, therefore we ask that before finishing counselling at least 2-4 weeks’ notice is given, therefore giving our work together with the opportunity to come to a positive end.