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We hope you are well and taking care of yourself.


With all the news and buzz about the Coronavirus (COVID-19 virus), it can be difficult to get a handle on what is true and what is false, and we know this can cause a lot of anxiety, for you and those around you. Equally we am aware that we all respond differently and with many being asked to stay or work from home this could provide an opportunity for some much needed rest from the daily commute and run around. 


At this time, we need to take care of our health (physical and emotional) and begin to put things in place that can support the uncertainty of the situation. 


Therefore, we thought it may be helpful if  we set out the plans that  we have regarding sessions at this time. 


We are no longer offering face to face sessions at this time. If you have a session booked or would like to book a session, we will be offering the opportunity to have sessions:


Virtually - via Zoom 


An online meeting room platform, similar to google hangout or skype (please do not worry if you have not used it before as instructions will be provided and it takes 5 minutes to set up on phone or laptop).


Virtually - via What’s app


A phone app, that use your mobile number and internet connection to make video or telephone calls


Telephone – your phone 


(this one is self-explanatory), If you opt for a phone call, we will call you at the appointed time, therefore the call is no additional cost to you. 


All the terms of our contract still apply. we hope that if you have had sessions with us, then we hope that you will continue (even with the new mediums) to find Counselling sessions helpful. Our aim is to provide a confidential place where you can share your thoughts, feelings, get some support, relief and mental space.


We look forward to speaking to/seeing you, 


Warm regards 


Sabrina Williams ( Director)

London Counsellors