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Is counselling only for people with serious mental health issues?

No, counselling can be for anyone that wants to improve themselves or their situation. The greatest difficulty most of us face is finding the strength and resilience to be the best version of ourselves despite life struggles. 

What is the aim/point of counselling?

At London counsellors we feel the aim of counselling is to facilitate growth towards authenticity, empowerment, freedom of expression (feelings, thoughts and emotions). We aim to do this by providing an empathetic, non-judgemental and confidential listening ear. Counselling should provide an environment to gain mental space, explore thoughts, feelings, choices and consequences. Everyone deserve to feel better, having the space to be real, authentic and free to express thoughts, feelings and emotions.

What can I get out of counselling/Therapy ?

Sessions are for you to use how you like. However, others have said they come in order to:

  • Make sense of things that I can not make sense of alone.

  • Have someone hear me and not tell me what I should or should not be doing or thinking.

  • Say things out loud that I have never said to anyone else.

  • say things that are highly confidential and that those close to me would be angry, distressed or disappointed to hear.

  • Have space to think about who I am, who I want to be and what I really want from life.

  • Manage my emotions/ feelings about people, relationships or circumstances.

The list is not exhaustive, many people may also come to counselling, simply to learn more about themselves and to develop/maximise their potential.

How much does each counselling session cost?

£45 - 75, Counselling for Individual (adult) - face to face, depending on location.

£45 - 65, Counselling for Individual (adult) - telephone, internet/zoom/what's app sessions.

£60+, Couples counselling sessions.

£60+, Family counselling sessions.

£50+, Youth/Young person ( 14-21) counselling sessions ( initial assessment session with parents £65).

£45-75, Supervision.

There are some concessionary spaces available for students and those on low income.

Can I talk about anything?

It doesn't matter what you’re going through, big or small ….You are, welcome to bring it to our Counselling sessions. There is nothing too big or small, to talk to us about. Counselling is for anyone that wants to improve themselves or their situation. We work with issues inc

How long does each Counselling/therapty session last?

Each session lasts 50 minutes (this is known as a therapy hour, as 95% of counsellors will offer this time frame), however couples or/and family sessions can last up to 90 minute (1 hour and a half).

What type/kind of issues do you work with at London Counsellors?

We have extensive experience of working with trauma, childhood sexual abuse, family, Work related issues and conflicts, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, immigration/relocation issues and changes, loss, Abuse, Bereavement, Depression, Difference, Disability, Health related issues, Identity, Long term health conditions, Loss, Self-esteem, Relationships, Sexuality, Stress, Microaggressions and Transitions amongst other things. We work traditionally offering talking therapy but also believe that at times when words can be difficult, creative exercises can facilitate expression.

What type of therapy do you offer?

We are integrative therapists, that means we help people to develop a better understanding of themselves and their difficulties by providing a supportive, non judgemental confidential presence which fosters an environment that promotes growth and change.we do however have Counsellors specialising in Psychodynamic, Person-centred/humanistic, CBT and Intercultural therapy.

Where are you face to face Counselling/Coaching sessions held?

We offer sessions in various location in London, however our greatest availability is based at our Stockwell space (near Stockwell station), in central, south London.

I can't come to a session in person, what other options do you have?

We offer telephone or internet counselling for those that are physically restricted from attending a session, those that have time or location constraints or those that would prefer this method over meeting in person.  We also offer flexibility in method, allowing sessions to begin with telephone sessions and then later change to face to face sessions.

Do you offer a discount?

There are some concessionary places for students and those on low incomes.

What are the terms and conditions ?